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The Phantom Coin

Magic Coin trick
Coin, dinner napkin, handkerchief, rubber band, and a stemmed glass with a wide bottom (e.g. wine glass).

Description:The magician places a coin into the dead center of a dinner napkin and inverts it over a wine glass or a pilsner. The magician then drops the coin into the glass and then secures the dinner napkin over the glass with a rubber band. The magician then passes a handkerchief over the glass and commands the coin to vanish. And when the dinner napkin is removed, the coin is gone.

1. Cover your hand with the dinner napkin, place the coin into the dead center of your covered hand, and then place flip the napkin so that you are still holding the coin in your fingers.

2. Take the wine glass by the base and lower the napkin over the top – don’t let go of the coin yet!

3. Tilt the mouth of the glass towards you slightly and drop the coin so that it hits the base of the glass, making a deliberate clinking sound that convinces your audience that it fell into the mouth of the glass. You may want to practice the drop a bit so that it always hits the base; if it just hits your hand, the opportunity is lost
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