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Flippin Easy Coin Trick

Magic Coin trick
Materials: 2 Coins

Description: Make a Coin Jump From one hand too the other

1. Lay two coins in the palms of your hands, the positions are very important! The the coin in your left hand is right in the middle of your palm. The coin in your right hand is placed on the side of your thumb.

2. In one quick motion, flip both hands over and slap them straight down onto the table.

The coin in your right hand should get flicked across and under your left hand. The coin in your left hand should simply fall straight down.

3. Ask your audience where they think the coins are – they’ll probably guess there’s one under each hand.

4. Reveal both coins under your left hand.

5. If you repeat the trick, be quick! Try not to let anyone notice the positions of the coins
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