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Magic Coin Pouch

Materials: A Coin And A Small Piece Of Paper about 4" X 4"

Description: Fold A Coin Up Into A Piece Of Paper, And Then Make It Disappear.

1. Holding the piece of paper, take the coin and place it in the center of the paper.

2. The next step is to fold the bottom edge of the paper up to cover the coin.The bottom edge should not be folded up all the way up to the top edge but should be about a quarter of an inch below it.

3. The right edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin.

4. The left edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin.

5. The last fold is made by bending the top flap of the paper behind the coin. This will appear to the audience member to have completely sealed in the coin. Unknown to them there is actually an opening at the top of the paper pouch.

6. Turn the paper pouch upside down in your hand and let the coin gently fall into your palm where you can conceal it from the audience.

7. For a finale, you can tear the paper pouch in two, where the audience see that the coin appears to have vanished
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