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Swindled Coin trick

Magic Coin trick
Hand full of change and a Marker

Description: Spectator picks a coin out of a handful and marks it with a marker. You place the rest of the coins in your pocket. You then rub the spectators coin though your pocket, and back with the other coins.

1. Show the spectator a handful of coins. Have them pick a coin and mark it with an X.

2. After the spectator marks the coin, the right hand "pretends" to take it. In reality the right hand is covering it up with another coin. Hold your hand in the air as if you have the coin.

3. Hesitate for a second with your left hand so that the spectator can see that the marked coin is not in your left hand anymore (this way the spectator mentally concludes that the marked coin must be in your right hand). Place the rest of the change back into your pocket.

4. Take the right hand and its supposed coin and place it against your leg, in the area of the left pocket. Now rub the imaginary coin into your leg. Then slowly part your right fingers to show that the coin has vanished. Reach into your left pocket and pull out the coins, ask the spectator to find there coin.
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