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Earn From Hub Pages

The Hub Pages website is a lot like the Squidoo website, where users can create their own page and can earn money from advertisements placed on the page. The site is used by many experts to write about various specialised subjects, and has been around for nearly 2 years.

How To Use Hub Pages

Hub Pages currently has thousands of writers who are all earning money from their own personal pages on the site. All you need to do to start earning from the site is to sign up for free and open an account, and then you need to create some content for your pages.

To use Hub Pages you don't actually need to have any kind of web programming or design skills - you simply use the simple Hub Pages interface, writing your content directly on the site, adding any images that you might want to include on your page. You can also include advertisements on the page too, choosing prominent locations that suit your Hub Page.

Making Money From Your Hub Pages

Making money from your Hub Pages is a very simple process, simply involving adding various advertisements to your page. Hub Page has agreements in place with Google Ad sense, the Amazon affiliate program, and the eBay affiliate program. This means that you can display advertisements from 3 different website companies.
Google Ad sense is a program that displays contextual advertisements on your pages. You earn money every time someone views your page, and also every time someone clicks on your adverts.
The Amazon affiliate program enables you to display products that are available to purchase online at the Amazon store website. You will earn commission every time someone makes a transaction directly from your Amazon affiliate links at Hub Pages.
The eBay affiliate program enables you to display auctions from the eBay website directly on your Hub Pages, again earning a commission when someone makes a purchase at the eBay site, and also earning money when someone signs up as a new user on eBay.

Earning Money From The Hub Pages Affiliate Program

You can also make money from the Hub Pages website by referring new authors, or page creators, to the website. If you refer someone to the Hub Pages site, you can earn around 10% of any of their earnings. So if you can refer people to the Hub Pages site who are experts on certain subjects, or are talented at writing exciting, interesting content, you will be able to make money from their own earnings.

How Much Money Can Be Made From The Hub Pages Website?

If you join the Hub Pages website for the sole purpose of making money, you will probably end up struggling to make a large amount of money. It is best if you join the site with the intent of sharing information with people on the Internet. If you are specialised in a certain topic then you will be able to write about it on Hub pages and make a nice sum of money from it too. However if you join the site and simply copy and paste some content on the page, before covering it in advertisements, you will probably be disappointed with your earnings.

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