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Data Entry Jobs

Data Input Jobs - Work Online Data Entry Positions

Online data entry jobs involve processing data and entering it onto a document or other file, ready for easy access. Finding an online data entry job that will allow you to work from home is quite a challenging task. If your perform a search for 'data entry online' in a site like Google you will no doubt be swamped in thousands of dodgy scam sites claiming you can earn thousands of pounds in just a few minutes - simply by pressing a few buttons for 5 minutes on your keyboard. The real truth is that with most paid online jobs, they are really well hidden away on the Internet, and unfortunately the dodgy sites always seem to find their way to the top in the search engines.

As with most jobs that involve earning money online, you really have to travel to the deepest corners of the Internet, trawling through thousands of dodgy sites before you really find anything suitable and trustworthy. Thankfully I have managed to find work on some data entry websites, and so there shouldn't be any need for you to go searching for anything. I have also had brief data entry jobs thanks to this website, and therefore I know that they do pay - because I got paid for my data entry work.

Working online doing data entry isn't the most lucrative or luxurious job, but it is always going to be an appealing job for people interested in working online, when it suits that person. It doesn't involve much effort or brain work, and pretty much anyone can do the work available. Data input is simply as the title says; you are paid to input data on to a system or device. Usually it will involve spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, or publishing programs like Microsoft Office.

Data entry jobs aren't extremely well paid, you can usually earn around £5 or £6 per hour minimum. The rate will usually depend on the company, and they might even decide they would rather pay you per piece of work submitted. This can add as an incentive for you to work harder or faster, depending on the type of work you are performing. Most data input jobs are passed externally from the company, and are offered on local job websites for individuals interested in earning some extra cash doing some quick, simple online work.

Usually the work is quite time consuming or unattractive, and so they decide to offer it up for a member of the public to do. As mentioned before, the best places to check are local advertisements in shop windows/job sections of newspapers, and also you should look at the online job websites. However there are a lot of dodgy websites and scams going around which are related to data entry jobs, it is best to be very cautious when looking for these jobs, and make sure you use your common sense throughout. A data entry job that claims to earn you thousands or hundreds of pounds a day is obviously going to be dodgy, so when it appears too good to be true than unfortunately it usually is.

We advise that you never pay any sort of money up front to obtain data entry work, and that you should never pay any kind of money when dealing with data input work. If the company is genuine, and needs people to perform data entry work, then why would they charge you a fee just to do the job? If they want someone to do the work they are going to give the job information away for free, not charge you a kind of fee just to access this data.

Where To Find Online Data Entry Work

As mentioned earlier in this article, finding genuine data entry positions can be quite impossible due to the amount of scams and dodgy websites available on the Internet. As previously said, do check local job sources and other job related websites. Look in shop windows and check these kinds of advertisements, sometimes you will find data entry work advertised here.

As a website owner, we often have basic, pretty boring data entry work that we need completing. This is the same with many other website owners - often they place adverts online requesting that people help them out, writing up data or performing basic tasks such as inputting data. Therefore we recommend that you check website owner forums for data entry jobs, as very often you will find work advertised here. We recommend that you have a look at the Digital Point forum, on the 'Content Creation' section of the website - here.

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